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How to keep your lawn in good shape this summer

June is upon us so lawn mowing is a regular job in the garden and it may even be necessary to mow your lawn twice a week. With a well-serviced lawnmower or Ride-on-Tractor the job is so much easier. If rainfall is low then water the lawn thoroughly but not too frequently to encourage deep root growth. If weeds are still prevalent then apply a lawn weed treatment when the soil is moist and if clover exists then rake the lawn before mowing.

Mowing the lawn is probably the most well known of all lawn care jobs but it is still carried out incorrectly by many gardeners. To develop and keep a top quality lawn you need to know when and how often you should mow the lawn and with the right lawnmower for your lawn. Mowing too often or at the wrong times can seriously damage the condition of the lawn.

The aim of mowing the lawn should be to keep the grass somewhere in between ‘not to long’ and ‘not to short’. The height of the grass will depend on what you use it for and the aspect of the garden. If the grass is too short then the roots will not receive adequate nutrients and the ability of the lawn to take up these nutrients and water through the roots will decline which in turn will result in poor growth rates and a loss of vigour. Mowing the lawn helps to stimulate side shoot development in the grass and this leads to the build up a dense lawn that has a strong growth rate.

Always aim to mow the lawn when the grass is dry as the blades of the lawn mower will cut the grass better. If you mow the grass when it is wet then the weight of the mower and your footsteps will leave muddy patches and the lawn surface will become compacted when it dry’s out. The grass will find it hard to re-establish itself on these areas.

Remember you can always contact us if you need any advice or help with servicing, repairing or purchasing a new lawnmower or Ride-on-Tractor to keep your lawn in the best condition this summer.

WG Gardencare Machinery Ltd have moved!

WG Gardencare Machinery is pleased to announce that we have moved to Slaughterford Farm, Sumners Ponds, Barns Green, West Sussex.

Our new premises have excellent workshop facilities manned by highly trained mechanics and whether you need your lawnmower or ride on tractor servicing or repairing, we will be able to give you a fast and efficient service. We are happy to give advice on any new purchase and have a variety of lawn mowers, ride on mowers and tractors available to buy.

With an on-site licensed cafeteria by a lake offering meals, snacks or afternoon tea, you can enjoy refreshments while you wait for your machine to be assessed or repaired.

If you are unable to come to us then we offer a collection and delivery service to customers throughout West Sussex and Surrey. Contact us now or call us on 07926 168953 or 01403 283814 and we will be happy to help.

Getting your Lawn Mower ready for winter

Take a bit of time and care to maintain and store your lawn mower or garden tractor properly in the winter, and you will have no problems getting started again in the spring.

How WG Gardencare Machinery Ltd can help.

Although most people can generally care for their Lawnmower or Garden Tractor during the season, many choose the convenience and security of having a professional do the final maintenance service before putting the machine away for the winter. We recommend doing this now, not only to maintain its performance, but also to avoid the spring rush so you are ready to get going when the grass starts to grow in the spring!

At WG Gardencare Machinery Ltd we have excellent workshop facilities and highly trained staff who will take care of all your winter servicing needs. We specialise in servicing and repairing all types of professional and domestic garden machinery including two and four stroke mowers and commercial diesel tractors. Plus we offer a FREE collection and delivery service throughout West Sussex and Surrey.

So contact us today or call 01403 700743 and we will be happy to help.

Autumn Lawn Care – Part 2

As the weather starts to change the grass on your lawn will be growing much more slowly. For this reason it’s important to adjust the cutting height on your lawnmower so the cut is higher. You now only need to mow about once a fortnight but this will depend on whether we continue to have such mild days and nights! As always, maintain your mower in good condition and keep the blades sharp. Contact us if your lawn mower needs a service or blades sharpening on 01403 700743.

Feeding & Conditioning

Feeding your lawn in the Autumn will depend on how much wear and tear it has had over the Summer but an Autumn lawn feed and moss killer will provide your lawn with the essential nutrients it needs to strengthen itself for winter, as well as killing any moss that is present. If weeds also need to be controlled there are plenty of products at your garden centre that combine both feeding, weeding and killing moss all in one treatment.


Depending on the wear and tear that the lawn has received over the previous months you may want to overseed the lawn in early autumn. By using a combination of lawn and turf dressing with an equal quantity of grass seed this mixture can then be brushed gently into the surface of the lawn. The grass seed will germinate ahead of the winter frosts and produce a thicker, healthier lawn next spring.


If your lawn has become uneven then topdressing will even out any low areas. A rate of 1 – 3 kg per square metre will be sufficient when brushed into the lawn surface especially in lower areas. It is a good idea to add a top dressing to help fill in any thin areas and it is always best to carry out topdressing when the lawn is dry. Topdressing also helps break down thatch and aids drainage.

The effort put into a lawn in autumn will improve the quality and health of the lawn and ensures it will look its best right through the following year.


To recut your lawn edges use a half moon edging iron to create a neat finish. You will need to trim the lawn edges every week using lawn-edging shears to give a neat finish. For more information on sharpening or repairing lawn-edging shears contact us now.

August lawn maintenance

During August raise the blades on your lawnmower before cutting fine lawns. This will help reduce drought stress.

Mow lightly and frequently so that short grass clippings can remain on the lawn during hot days to act as a moisture-retentive mulch. Excess thatch can be scarified out during autumn maintenance next month. Mulching lawn mowers cut the clippings even finer than normal rotary blades, making the mulch less visible.

If your lawn is on thin soil it may benefit from a high phosphate feed. This will strengthen the roots for winter, rather than encouraging lush top growth that could suffer in the cold and weaken the grass.

Avoid using lawn weedkillers in late summer – they will be more effective in the cooler, damper autumn weather.

Dig over any areas due to be grassed over later in the year. Leave them for a few weeks to allow weeds to re-emerge, and then spray with a weedkiller or hoe off to ensure thorough weed clearance before seeding or laying turf in the autumn.

Summer meadows may need mowing now if they have past their season of interest, especially in areas of the country where autumn comes earlier. In warmer parts of the UK, spring and early summer meadows that have extended their period of interest well into the summer could be cut now if not done already.

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Lawn advice courtesy of The Royal Horticultural Society

How to look after your lawn during this dry Summer spell.

After such a prolonged period of wet weather no one predicted this long hot dry spell. Whilst we can’t complain it is having an adverse affect on our lawns. So here are a few tips to help get your lawn through this dry spell.

There are no exact rules to watering but a simple guide is water your lawn once a week under normal dry conditions and increase this to twice a week in abnormally hot weather. Try to do this early morning or evening to reduce evaporation but change this to watering only in the morning nearer to autumn enabling your lawn to dry out a little towards the end of the day preventing moss growth.

During dry spells leaving the grass collection box off when you mow and leaving the clippings on the lawns surface can help keep the moisture in your lawn and also add beneficial nitrogen.

Any cracks that appear in the lawn due to drought conditions, fill with a mixture of sharp sand and soil and water in well.

And don’t forget to give your lawnmower a mid-season blade sharpening to improve the cut of your lawn.

Do get in touch by emailing us or calling us on 01403 700743 with any questions about Lawn Mowers, Ride-On Lawn Mowers and Tractors or any aspect of garden machinery, garden tractor or lawnmower sales, repairs or service.

May – time for regular lawn care including servicing and repairing lawnmowers.

Lawn mowing should be high on the agenda now – leave it too long between cuts and the job becomes much harder, so try to mow weekly. Feed established lawns with a high nitrogen lawn fertilizer if you haven’t already done so, to keep them green and healthy. Use a fine rake to remove moss and debris and water regularly in dry spells (hosepipe bans permitting), preferably at night to minimise evaporation.

If we didn’t service your lawn mower during the winter, there’s still time and our Collection and Delivery service (available throughout West Sussex, East Sussex and Surrey) makes it easy. Find out more here.  And if you’re thinking of purchasing a new lawnmower or trading in your old mower for a better model, we sell leading manufacturers’ new ride-on mowers, tractors and lawn mowers as well as offering used mowers and also part exchange on a wide variety of garden machinery. You can check out our part exchange and stock clearance lists here.

May is the last chance for sowing a new lawn this spring – if you are unsure how to tackle making a new lawn, please ask for help and advice at the garden centre

At WG Gardencare Machinery we pride ourselves on being the very best in Surrey and Sussex for garden machinery, garden tractor and lawnmower sales, service and parts, so if you have any questions do get in touch by emailing us or calling us on 01403 700743 and we will be delighted to help you.

Hedges & when to trim plus choosing & servicing your hedge trimmer.

When you choose to do your hedge cutting will have a profound effect on its growth, according to when and how you prune, so cutting at the right time is important.

The best time to trim hedges is in the spring. During this period hedges go through quite a growth spurt, so it is best to trim in late April or early May. Deciduous hedges, however, can be cut at any time although it is a bad idea to give more than a light trim during the bird-nesting season, between the beginning of March and July. A second trimming should be done towards the end of September. Remember, the base of the hedge should always be wider than the top because if you cut the sides straight, then the top will shade the bottom.

Points to remember: sharpen pruning tools and service your hedge trimmer regularly. If purchasing a new hedge trimmer we recommend the 23cc Kawasaki 22”/56cm Blade Hedge Trimmer which delivers great results on all types of hedges, big or small. The more you trim the sides of a young hedge, the denser it will grow and a young or unhealthy hedge should have a foot of bare soil either side – mulch at least once a year and water well.

And don’t forget: any questions about hedge trimmers, hedge trimming or any aspect of garden machinery, garden tractor or lawnmower sales, repairs or service do get in touch by emailing us or calling us on 01403 700743 and we will be pleased to help you.