Autumn Lawn Care – Part 2

As the weather starts to change the grass on your lawn will be growing much more slowly. For this reason it’s important to adjust the cutting height on your lawnmower so the cut is higher. You now only need to mow about once a fortnight but this will depend on whether we continue to have such mild days and nights! As always, maintain your mower in good condition and keep the blades sharp. Contact us if your lawn mower needs a service or blades sharpening on 01403 700743.

Feeding & Conditioning

Feeding your lawn in the Autumn will depend on how much wear and tear it has had over the Summer but an Autumn lawn feed and moss killer will provide your lawn with the essential nutrients it needs to strengthen itself for winter, as well as killing any moss that is present. If weeds also need to be controlled there are plenty of products at your garden centre that combine both feeding, weeding and killing moss all in one treatment.


Depending on the wear and tear that the lawn has received over the previous months you may want to overseed the lawn in early autumn. By using a combination of lawn and turf dressing with an equal quantity of grass seed this mixture can then be brushed gently into the surface of the lawn. The grass seed will germinate ahead of the winter frosts and produce a thicker, healthier lawn next spring.


If your lawn has become uneven then topdressing will even out any low areas. A rate of 1 – 3 kg per square metre will be sufficient when brushed into the lawn surface especially in lower areas. It is a good idea to add a top dressing to help fill in any thin areas and it is always best to carry out topdressing when the lawn is dry. Topdressing also helps break down thatch and aids drainage.

The effort put into a lawn in autumn will improve the quality and health of the lawn and ensures it will look its best right through the following year.


To recut your lawn edges use a half moon edging iron to create a neat finish. You will need to trim the lawn edges every week using lawn-edging shears to give a neat finish. For more information on sharpening or repairing lawn-edging shears contact us now.