General service

What happens during your lawnmower service?

Petrol rotary mower service

We look at a host of things depending on the type of machine but to give you an idea these are the elements of a full service on a petrol rotary mower as an example.

1) Remove all covers and guards.

2) Steam clean the machine to remove any grass build up and oil residues.

3) Remove and strip the carburettor and clean it in an ultrasonic tank.

4) Flush the fuel tank to remove any stale fuel and contamination.

5) Replace the pull starter cord and re-wind the return spring and lubricate all moving parts.

6) Check the air gap on the ignition coil and fit a new spark plug.

7) Replace the air filter.

8) Change the engine oil.

9) Sharpen and balance the blade.

10) Check the drive belt and cables and make any necessary adjustments.

11) Lubricate height adjuster mechanism and all control levers and cables.

12) Tighten the engine mounting and handle bar bolts.

13) Run and test all machine functions.

14) Check the engine running speed and tune the carburettor.

At WG Gardencare Machinery we have excellent workshop facilities manned by highly trained mechanics. We specialize in servicing and repairing all types of professional and domestic garden machinery including mowers, four stoke machines, two stokes and commercial diesel tractors.

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