Your guide to buying a new lawn mower or ride-on tractor

Getting started

Whether you are looking for a petrol or electric lawnmower, a small ride-on tractor to ease the burden of lawn cutting, or the power and performance of a larger machine, WG Gardencare Machinery have over 15 years of specialist expertise to draw from to make the process of buying and owning these machines much easier.

For many ordinary lawns a petrol or electric push mower or a self-propelled petrol model for larger, sloping lawns will do the job perfectly and but if your lawn is half an acre or larger a lawn tractor could be a better choice.

How to choose

1. Consider what you want your lawn mower or ride-on tractor to do. Most mowers have features that mulch, bag, or side-discharge the grass cuttings. It really depends what facilities you have to compost the waste you get after each cut.

2. Check the features and controls. Most ride-on tractors allow you to speed up or slow down with a convenient pedal or lever. With self-propelled mowers, some models let you vary your speed simply by pushing the handlebar, whilst others let you adjust the ground speed without removing your hands from the handlebar.

3. If your property is hilly then tractors with a zero-turn or rear-steering wheels will not suit a steep gradient as, although they are capable of doing tight turns, this makes them difficult to control on steep slopes. Exceptions to this include mowers that have steerable front wheels instead of the usual levers.

If you are considering buying a new lawn mower or ride-on tractor ready for spring and still don’t know where to start then contact Graham or Jeremy today or call 01403 700743 and we will be happy to help you decide which type of mower is right for you. And our servicing and free delivery makes it an even easier way to make the right choice.