Top lawn mowers for 2014

With the grass-cutting season in full swing and the regular use of your lawnmowers and Ride-on-Tractors, at WG Gardencare Machinery we thought you might like to know which garden machines were considered some of the best in 2014 by Which magazine.

Flymo Venturer 32 – rotary lawn mower

The Flymo Venturer 32 is a good option if you mow your lawn regularly and are looking for a light and easy budget mower. It is very manoeuvrable and can cut right up to lawn edges, reducing the need for trimming. This wheeled rotary mower easily cuts a family lawn and leaves a striped finish on short grass, thanks to the roller between the rear wheels. It’s small, easy to move around and comfortable to push. The inset front wheels mean it can cut close to obstacles and right over lawn edges. It is light and has a convenient carry handle on top. The grass collector has a good capacity and is easy to use.

Typical Price – £77.00

Bosch Rotak 37 Li – cordless electric lawnmower

This is the latest cordless electric lawnmower from Bosch. A light (13kg), battery-powered lawnmower with a 37cm cutting width. It has all the usual features, including grass combs so you can cut against obstacles and a single cutting height adjustment lever. Its Ergoflex handles means that you can use with your wrist horizontally or vertically and a roller to give stripes on your lawn. The 36v battery comes with a charger and fits onto the front of the lawnmower and has charge indicator lights. It is perfect for small and medium sized lawns and very easy to use as the system of switches on the handles means you can operate it one handed, ideal if your wrists or hands are not very strong. The handles are adjustable and have large, quick-release clips that make it easy to fold down for neat storage. It collects all the grass very well in grass box leaving no clippings on the lawn and the grass box is easy to empty and fits securely.

Typical Price – £243.00

Honda HRE370 – corded-electric rotary mower

This lawnmower cuts a wide range of lawn types and has enough power to collect the clippings, leaving a good finish – although it isn’t the best at edging a lawn. It’s comfortable and easy to use with a large grass collector and five cutting heights from 18mm to 65mm. It has a 37cm cutting width. This mower gives a family lawn a very even cut and removes nearly all the clippings. Even on damp, long and rough grass, it has enough power to cut and collect up the clippings to leave a neat finish.

Typical price – £179.00

Hayter Sprint 41 – push petrol rotary mower

This mid-range petrol rotary mower has a 41cm cutting width. It’s a push mower with a Briggs & Stratton series 500 engine and breezes through standard lawns and long grass, struggling only on damp grass. It is particularly good on short ornamental lawns, thanks to a lowest cutting height of only 13mm – most rotary mowers are unsuitable for short fine turf, but this might be an exception. It also cuts close to lawn edges, which makes it suitable for a well-kept lawn. The cutting height is easy to adjust as there’s a nice chunky, single lever with seven clearly marked positions.

Typical price – £279.00

Mountfield SP425R – self-propelled petrol lawnmower

This self-propelled petrol rotary mower has an ‘easy start’ 140cc Honda engine. It’s relatively small, weighing 32kg, and has a 41cm cutting width. It has five cutting heights between 20mm to 70mm and a single lever to change between them. It has a rear roller for stripes and a 55-litre grass collector. It can cut down to 20mm and is short enough for ornamental grass. It only has one speed but, as it’s a bit lighter than a lot of petrol mowers, it’s easy to handle. This lawnmower is ideal for a lawn but still manages long and damp grass with ease.

Typical price – £429.00

Remember you can always contact us if you need any advice or help with servicing, repairing or purchasing a new lawnmower and we are able to order and deliver most makes and models on request.