Summer has arrived! 10 tips on caring for your lawn and garden.

Summer is finally here and with June 21st fast approaching, the longest day of the year, all the extra light and warmth encourages your garden to put on that vigorous burst of growth. So not only lawns and borders will be flourishing but weeds will be as well! Hoeing regularly in dry conditions will keep them at bay.

Your lawn will require regular cutting, probably once a week, but remember in dry spells to heighten the cutting deck on your lawn mower or ride-on-tractor so that the lawn can conserve as much of the morning dew as possible with the grass being slightly longer.

10 jobs for June in the garden
1. Hoe borders regularly to keep down weeds
2. Be water-wise, especially in drought-affected areas
3. Pinch out side shoots on tomatoes
4. Harvest lettuce, radish, other salads and early potatoes
5. Put summer hanging baskets and containers outside
6. Cut lawns at least once a week
7. Plant out summer bedding
8. Stake all tall or floppy plants
9. Prune spring-flowering shrubs
10. Shade greenhouses to keep them cool and prevent scorch on tender plants

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