Buying guide to Brush Cutters and Trimmers

With spring on its way, the tell tale signs of growth become evident with undergrowth starting to thicken along verges and hedgerows whilst ponds and ditches suddenly become lost from view. This vegetation will need to be controlled for aesthetic reasons to keep a garden looking neat and tidy.

Brush Cutters

The brush cutter is more robust and stronger than a grass trimmer and comes with a range of engine sizes. The denser the vegetation you have to clear, the more powerful the machine you will need. With the right accessories, you can use the same machine for trimming grass, clearing undergrowth and shrubs as well as thinning out smaller trees. The brush cutter is fitted with a longer shaft to increase its working range.

Some tips before buying

  • Choose a brush cutter that is powerful enough for the vegetation you plan to clear
  • Equip your brush cutter with an ergonomic harness for the best relief, comfort and efficiency
  • The handlebar should be angled relative to the shaft, to prevent an uneven load being placed on your back and folded down, for easier transport and storage
  • The brush cutter must have excellent vibration dampening to ensure you have the energy to work for a long time without getting tired
  • The wider the range of accessories and cutting equipment, the greater the range of use.
  • Buy your brush cutter from a servicing dealer who can help you with accessories, service and spare parts.
  • Trimmers

    To get the most from your new trimmer it’s naturally important that you choose the right model. So ask yourself these following questions to help you make up your mind.

  • Your choice should be based entirely on the work you do.
  • What type of vegetation will you need to trim?
  • How frequently will you use the trimmer and for how long at a time?
  • The tips below will help you with your choice, and we will be able to give you further advice and tips.

    Some tips before buying

  • Does the trimmer have an adequate vibration reduction system? Vibration will quickly cause fatigue.
  • Don’t buy a trimmer that is too small. A powerful trimmer will do a better job.
  • A trimmer with a rotating handle will be easier to transport and store.
  • Can the dealer service your machine? Do they have spare parts and accessories?
  • Is the trimmer easy to maintain? Is there a good user manual?
  • Can the dealer demonstrate the machine?
  • Can the dealer supply you with the necessary protective equipment?
  • Is there a good supply of accessories and spare parts for the machine?
  • Always ask to try the trimmer before you decide.
  • Check that the trimmer head and guard are tested and CE approved as suitable for use in combination.