Post winter lawn care

Post winter lawn care

The daylight hours are getting longer as Spring fast approaches, so now is the time to give your lawn some well deserved TLC!

Rake the grass thoroughly, followed by spiking to aerate the lawn. Take a garden fork and prong the turf evenly all over at six inch intervals, to about two inches deep, and follow up with a light sprinkling of coarse horticultural sand to improve aeration and drainage – a handful per square foot.

Test your soil pH and add lime, if acidic, or sulphur, if alkaline to encourage new grass growth.

If you are lucky and your lawn is dry enough to give it a first cut then remember keep the lawn mower blades in a high position and just ‘top’ the grass. Sharp blades are essential so now is the time to service your mower if you haven’t already done so.

Wait until the end of April to weed and feed.