Book a full service now and save 10% with NO VAT! Offer ends 1st April 2018

Our Winter Service Supersaver offer is back, with a 10% discount on parts and labour, plus FREE local collection and delivery when we service your garden tractor, lawn tractor or ride-on mower. The 10% saving is for full services only, on any machine. And now we are no longer VAT registered there’s no VAT added to your bill, making your overall service even cheaper. Our Winter Service Supersaver is always popular so book now to be sure of your 10% saving. And remember, this offer must end on 1st April 2018 .

So what’s included in a WG Gardencare Machinery full lawn tractor, ride-on mower or garden tractor service?

The answer is, a thorough and meticulous check on every element of your machine including cleaning, lubricating and tuning.

For petrol mowers, for example, we steam clean the machine, strip the carburettor, flush the fuel tank and replace the pull starter cord, fit a new spark plug, replace the air filter, sharpen and balance the blade, check and adjust the drive belt, lubricate the height adjuster and all control levers and cables. Finally, we tighten the engine mounting and handlebar bolts, run and test all machine functions, check the running speed and tune the carburettor. You can find out more about our full service here.

As part of your full service we also supply a complimentary fuel stabilizer, which means you don’t have to drain the tank prior to storing your machine for the winter – a practical, time saving touch that’s typical of WG Gardencare Machinery’s service.

Why not book your garden tractor or mower in for its full service now before you put it in storage, and be sure it’s running smoothly and ready to go in the spring? Email us now or call us on 01403 700743 and we’ll be happy to help.