How to look after your lawn during this dry Summer spell.

After such a prolonged period of wet weather no one predicted this long hot dry spell. Whilst we can’t complain it is having an adverse affect on our lawns. So here are a few tips to help get your lawn through this dry spell.

There are no exact rules to watering but a simple guide is water your lawn once a week under normal dry conditions and increase this to twice a week in abnormally hot weather. Try to do this early morning or evening to reduce evaporation but change this to watering only in the morning nearer to autumn enabling your lawn to dry out a little towards the end of the day preventing moss growth.

During dry spells leaving the grass collection box off when you mow and leaving the clippings on the lawns surface can help keep the moisture in your lawn and also add beneficial nitrogen.

Any cracks that appear in the lawn due to drought conditions, fill with a mixture of sharp sand and soil and water in well.

And don’t forget to give your lawnmower a mid-season blade sharpening to improve the cut of your lawn.

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