Hedges & when to trim plus choosing & servicing your hedge trimmer.

When you choose to do your hedge cutting will have a profound effect on its growth, according to when and how you prune, so cutting at the right time is important.

The best time to trim hedges is in the spring. During this period hedges go through quite a growth spurt, so it is best to trim in late April or early May. Deciduous hedges, however, can be cut at any time although it is a bad idea to give more than a light trim during the bird-nesting season, between the beginning of March and July. A second trimming should be done towards the end of September. Remember, the base of the hedge should always be wider than the top because if you cut the sides straight, then the top will shade the bottom.

Points to remember: sharpen pruning tools and service your hedge trimmer regularly. If purchasing a new hedge trimmer we recommend the 23cc Kawasaki 22”/56cm Blade Hedge Trimmer which delivers great results on all types of hedges, big or small. The more you trim the sides of a young hedge, the denser it will grow and a young or unhealthy hedge should have a foot of bare soil either side – mulch at least once a year and water well.

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